Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CycleOps Power News Article by Joey Adams

Check this out. I'm famous--nah, apparently I'm just an ordinary guy. Seriously, though, a huge thank you to Joey for all his help over the last couple years.


Bigdave said...

Great article Matt. Joey is a solid guy. Since I am the only one who you can't edit out and the only one who knows enough to bring your star status back down to earth with the rest of us mortals...please let me say this. I was there when it was real spazmodic. I was there when you started calling your brother boner. I was there when you said "so your mother decided to name you Juan eh? Talk about a regular invented the regular guy so you could laugh at him with your alter ego. Repeat after me...I got second place novice all state bitch! No you didn't, I did you total shithead. All of the aforementioned actually happened on bikes or right after riding bikes as a kid. I can not wait until the next time that we meet up on the trail or the road somewhere and you convince me I'm bulletproof and we need to ride 100 miles at altitude or play soccer on bikes or just throw down a Jackrabbit style lead out. Later dude as DJ would say. Your pal BigDave

Anonymous said...

Hey great article, those gains are amazing....and inspirational too. Reading about pro athletes is great....but seeing a regular dude go from average to pretty darn good is much more impressive. Great Job!