Friday, July 31, 2009

The rain and hail treatment.

The day was not all a bust. I was supposed to ride the first 50 miles of the course--I made it to the Hagerman Pass road--about 1.5 hours of the intended 5 when the rain and hail started. 
Cora and the kids were waiting for me there having all sorts of fun.

The fun before the storm. Hummus and pita chips--yum sounds good.

Riding up Hagerman Pass road.

About 10 mins after I left Cora and the kids, the rain started. Luckily they had not packed up and left yet.

Looking over at the Powerline.

We decided to explore--we drove out along the course--this is the bottom of what I call the mini-wall. The weather cleared for a bit.

This is the road just before the "Wall."  We got a look at the much talked about single track that was added to bypass the Wall, as too many people were getting hurt.

I swear he said "If you mess with the bull, you get the horns". This was in response to my asking him to get in the car.

I love my crew!!!

I stupidly drove down this wondering if I could get back-up--I did--but it was a little dicey.
Getting stuck out here would have been a real ordeal to get out.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our temporary digs

As I said earlier, this place is pretty sweet. I thought I would put up a handful of pictures so you can see for yourself.

The living room--the bike path to Vail is just outside the window.

Had to hang the sheet so the kiddies can sleep--well at least try to sleep.

The extra bedroom--now serving as a locker room.

Our bedroom.

Balcony off our room.

Our bathroom.

Kids in the "pool".

Day 1--not so good weather

We got in last night at about 1 am and woke up to this--cold and rainy, so we went for a walk to explore what Copper has to offer.

Looking over to the Tenth Range which runs between Copper Mountain and Breckenridge.

The photo credit here goes to TB Lynn--she was very interested in the picture-taking until she realized there was a trampoline to play on for the low, low price of ten dollars a jump.

Later in the afternoon, I got a brief window to get out for a quick ride--here at the top of Vail Pass looking down the valley towards CM.

Above Vail Pass I found this road which goes up another couple hundred feet and eventually winds up in the back bowls of Vail.

At the top of Shrine Pass Road looking down the valley again towards CM--weather still looking good.
The data at the turn-around on Shrine Pass Road.

Maybe 20 mins later back at Vail Pass looking west--the weather was getting pretty crappy again--time to head home. I got about 1.5 hours in--nice to get the legs going after being stuck in the car for 10 hrs.

The rain came so we headed down to Boulder--temporary peace and quiet. The key to cross- country travel with kids is sleep.

I do not think I have ever seen a rainbow that was this vivid--near Boulder.

I stopped at Excel Sports to pick up some parts for a mini-overhaul prior to the race. I could not help myself and grabbed a new work stand as well--very sweet. I saw the new Cervelo S3--can't stop thinking about it--maybe the next toy.
We stopped for some amazing sushi before heading home through Boulder Canyon which was pretty but seem to take forever--maybe it was the wrong turns around Central City that left us in the middle of nowhere.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A quick stop at Big Dave's

Big Dave's is roughly halfway between West Bend and Copper Mountain--we stopped for about 18 hours for some rest, riding and crazy play time.

The crazy Duo--we have our hands full.

The ramp--Boo on Mac's "thing"

We got a 2 hour ride in  Tranquility Park. We did 4 laps--I was super impressed with the trail--smooth single track that rolls through the pines and up and over small hills--real perfect little ride--thanks for the tour Biggin'.
On the road again--I hate to make my babies ride on the roof.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Getting Maximum Air

So, in this shot the dare devil was about 18 inches in the air and he landed it perfect. If you look closely you can see the jump that he launched off of--I wouldn't have done it--I certainly wouldn't have landed it. Youth is bliss.

Monday, July 27, 2009

God, I feel like I have done zero riding all week--the 6 hour rides seem like they were weeks ago. I needed to get in about 2 hrs today which are scheduled to be a pyramid up to Z5 for 10 mins. The Z5 ain't gonna happen--I did not think through the bike choice so well.
I brought my lesser known baby as my 29er is already out west at Big Dave's. I also forgot how flat it is around the greater metropolitan West Bend area.

This is basically the local riding--in the distance is the major climb of the day up and over the interstate--I did get my HR up to 109 bpm. The gearing is all wrong--I was spun out all day.

The "lesser known baby."

The 19 tooth rear cog--not for the flat land.

With 32t up front, it's geared for the mountains--although I will not be surprised if I need to go to the 20t in the back. I want to get a "test" ride in as I'm thinking I will SS the LT100 in a year or two.

I did ride down to the town park to hook up with my crew--we went for a "200 mile" ride as per the Don. He said he knows it was that far because he was sweating.

The little man is a great lead out guy--he just puts his head down and churns out the watts.
T-Lynn is really coming along--she was going at a nice little pace down the trail.

The sprinters took off--I had nothing left in the legs to bridge the gap--Bella hit the line first. For the record, she was the only one racing as per Phebs.

I was just getting used to the Infinit as my nutrition--not a bad argument for the pop-tarts.
I was not paying attention to the face--I apparently was not getting ready fast enough. How could I--I was busy craving pop-tarts. Honey, you know I have a sweet-tooth--it's just not fair!!

I think this was Lance's move to bridge the gap to the leaders on the summit of the Petite St.Benard. As much as I like Dave Wiens and would love to see him win number 7, I can't help but thinking Lance is gonna go off in Leadville--if Levi shows up, who knows how low he can go--sub-6:30?

I have got to get some content! A picture does say a lot in this case.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Well today is another day of rest--someone once said that it is actually the rest days that make you faster--that said, I still find it hard not to ride.
The kids begged us to take them to the Washington County Fair.  Let me just say a county fair in the Midwest is a real treat.

The baby Don showing off his Buddha--I love the blue shades--reminds me of Bono.

Yeah, Bella's all about the glam!

The eyes--I'm in trouble.

Tubs and Crocket
Max called him Bob--I thought it was cool to see another Jackrabbit at the county fair.

Pretty good looking crew I roll with.

I was the sucker who got to spin the tea cups with Booboo.

I said, "Faster, you lazy bi@#h!"

Fast horses and fast cars are the little man's game.

We went to the tractor pull and two trucks into the super street modifieds, down went the Bull.

I'm so bummed we missed the picture--she actually went through the board in one try--man, I really feel sorry for the boys.  

Countless tickets and dollars netted us two goldfish, two stuffed purple dolphins, two inflatable kitties and pretty much endless smiles all around.  And we only got suckered into one bag of cotton candy and some lemonade.  So our kids are still blissfully unaware of the wonders of county fair cuisine:  funnel cake, corndogs, fried green beans, fried cookie dough, double deep-fried chicken wings.