Friday, July 31, 2009

The rain and hail treatment.

The day was not all a bust. I was supposed to ride the first 50 miles of the course--I made it to the Hagerman Pass road--about 1.5 hours of the intended 5 when the rain and hail started. 
Cora and the kids were waiting for me there having all sorts of fun.

The fun before the storm. Hummus and pita chips--yum sounds good.

Riding up Hagerman Pass road.

About 10 mins after I left Cora and the kids, the rain started. Luckily they had not packed up and left yet.

Looking over at the Powerline.

We decided to explore--we drove out along the course--this is the bottom of what I call the mini-wall. The weather cleared for a bit.

This is the road just before the "Wall."  We got a look at the much talked about single track that was added to bypass the Wall, as too many people were getting hurt.

I swear he said "If you mess with the bull, you get the horns". This was in response to my asking him to get in the car.

I love my crew!!!

I stupidly drove down this wondering if I could get back-up--I did--but it was a little dicey.
Getting stuck out here would have been a real ordeal to get out.

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