Monday, July 27, 2009

God, I feel like I have done zero riding all week--the 6 hour rides seem like they were weeks ago. I needed to get in about 2 hrs today which are scheduled to be a pyramid up to Z5 for 10 mins. The Z5 ain't gonna happen--I did not think through the bike choice so well.
I brought my lesser known baby as my 29er is already out west at Big Dave's. I also forgot how flat it is around the greater metropolitan West Bend area.

This is basically the local riding--in the distance is the major climb of the day up and over the interstate--I did get my HR up to 109 bpm. The gearing is all wrong--I was spun out all day.

The "lesser known baby."

The 19 tooth rear cog--not for the flat land.

With 32t up front, it's geared for the mountains--although I will not be surprised if I need to go to the 20t in the back. I want to get a "test" ride in as I'm thinking I will SS the LT100 in a year or two.

I did ride down to the town park to hook up with my crew--we went for a "200 mile" ride as per the Don. He said he knows it was that far because he was sweating.

The little man is a great lead out guy--he just puts his head down and churns out the watts.
T-Lynn is really coming along--she was going at a nice little pace down the trail.

The sprinters took off--I had nothing left in the legs to bridge the gap--Bella hit the line first. For the record, she was the only one racing as per Phebs.

I was just getting used to the Infinit as my nutrition--not a bad argument for the pop-tarts.
I was not paying attention to the face--I apparently was not getting ready fast enough. How could I--I was busy craving pop-tarts. Honey, you know I have a sweet-tooth--it's just not fair!!

I think this was Lance's move to bridge the gap to the leaders on the summit of the Petite St.Benard. As much as I like Dave Wiens and would love to see him win number 7, I can't help but thinking Lance is gonna go off in Leadville--if Levi shows up, who knows how low he can go--sub-6:30?

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