Sunday, July 26, 2009

Well today is another day of rest--someone once said that it is actually the rest days that make you faster--that said, I still find it hard not to ride.
The kids begged us to take them to the Washington County Fair.  Let me just say a county fair in the Midwest is a real treat.

The baby Don showing off his Buddha--I love the blue shades--reminds me of Bono.

Yeah, Bella's all about the glam!

The eyes--I'm in trouble.

Tubs and Crocket
Max called him Bob--I thought it was cool to see another Jackrabbit at the county fair.

Pretty good looking crew I roll with.

I was the sucker who got to spin the tea cups with Booboo.

I said, "Faster, you lazy bi@#h!"

Fast horses and fast cars are the little man's game.

We went to the tractor pull and two trucks into the super street modifieds, down went the Bull.

I'm so bummed we missed the picture--she actually went through the board in one try--man, I really feel sorry for the boys.  

Countless tickets and dollars netted us two goldfish, two stuffed purple dolphins, two inflatable kitties and pretty much endless smiles all around.  And we only got suckered into one bag of cotton candy and some lemonade.  So our kids are still blissfully unaware of the wonders of county fair cuisine:  funnel cake, corndogs, fried green beans, fried cookie dough, double deep-fried chicken wings.  

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