Saturday, July 18, 2009

In search of rock roads.

I have no pictures...I have no sweet profile to show you. I replaced a spoke while out today. I broke another one later on in the day. What I do have, however, is a nice little 84 POINT FIVE mile ride under my belt. I have to say I didn't read Matt's post until I got back...pretty funny. Anyway...I didn't have any GI issues, but at 70 miles I started to feel leg cramps creeping up. I stopped for a minute and downed all of the water, Gatorade, and goo I had left. I opened the emergency Endurolite stash I always carry and took 3. I had been taking one per hour and only brought 7 plus the emergency pack of 4. Somewhere in there I took 2. Unlike smarter riders I carry all of my nutrition on board along with tools and tons of other crap. I had to tighten my cranks about 40 miles from home so the big ass wrench I was carrying paid off. In total I consumed 100 oz of water, two bottles of Gatorade, 10 tabs, and 8 oz of goo. Probably not enough calories for the effort. I prefer tempting fate and forcing my hand with out-and-backs. At one point today I was over 40 miles from home on a dirt road in the middle of bumbleville Nebraska. The dirt roads are never flat so I know I got in some descent climbing. All in all I was pretty psyhched after todays effort.

Ok, I couldn't help is one picture. on board.


Dr. Matt said...

Strong work--monday and tuesday are back to back 6 hr days--you game.
you gots to do something bout those legs.....

Dr. Matt said...

Sexy legs! Good for you--way to hump it out!!!