Monday, November 30, 2009

The indoor season has begun--Boring

To steal a line from the movies, I felt like a cat 5 track sprinter going up Cornish Hill.

This dog looks like he was working hard--truth be told, I was not doing much, it's just that my trusty fan was MIA  and it was hot!

How I hate riding the trainer and it looks like there is more  to come--walked home in a decent little snow storm this morning.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

2010 schedule--all things racing, riding and training

I love this time of year, the season is over and there is a great sense of accomplishment with that. The planning for the next season also starts and that bring great anticipation.
I am going to do things a bit differently this coming season. I am going to race a lot more and try some new things, i.e. race road, CX and the SS--just to do something different.
For better or worse I am also going to try to coach myself this coming season as my good friend Joey, with whom I have worked for the last two and a half years, has officially retired from coaching.

As we did last year, the big man and I got together for several "training camps" and races, which in my opinion were the highlights of the season--how can you beat time with your best friend and nothing to do but ride? OK, so I have to listen to the Biggin' bitch about how much he hates to climb and of course, with that there is the subtle reprimands for violating his "no talk zones," but that's all apart of what makes it so much fun.

So here is my tentative schedule for 2010--the old favorites and several new ones from the "To Do" list:

1/22-24-Camp Lynda
3/20-25-Camp Jackrabbit-location TBA
4/10-Tour of Battenkill or Hopbrook Dam
4/24-Cohutta 65 or 100
(?) Greenbriar Challenge
5/23-Winstead Woods
6/5-Domnarski Farm
6/19-Mt Washington Hill climb--if I get in
7/1-20 Tour de France (currently seeking offers from pro teams--just kidding! To watch, not to ride)
7/18-Etape de tour
7/24-Mt Snow--if no France
(?) Darkhorse 40
8/14-Leadville 100--if I get in
8/28-Windham World Cup
9/17- Chequamegon 40
Oct- Ommegang CX
10/16 North O Rock Road 100
11/6-Iceman Cometh--if I get in

I am super excited about this coming season. If all works out and the lotteries go well, we will be going to some great races. The big question is figuring out what, where and when for the "training camps"--a lot of that will depend on the trip to France. If that works out, it will obviously eat up a lot of time and resources--I'm going to get busy working on the Big Man so I can get a definite "yes" and we can start planning.

More to come as plans become finalized.

Sneak peak --first try at the new 2010 kit

As you may know, the "new" kit each year goes through many versions before we are all happy so this may be a bit premature--what do you think? Please tell.

Any suggestions?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I was bored today.

Yeah--today was basically a waste unless too much sleep was the objective. I did manage to get up by the time the Florida v. Florida St. game was in the third quarter--can't wait until next week's SEC championship game--should be fantastic--go Gators!  Florida was rolling along crushing FSU and the game was a bit boring so I decided to give myself a hair cut--I think it went well.  Still growing the Movember mo--nice.

Another house update.

This week was short, but it seems like they got a lot done. They actually put most of the Tyvek up after these photos, so we are waiting for the windows and shingles to show up and hopefully they can get her all closed up before the snow arrives.

Cora put me to work cutting out the windows.

Looking from behind--still need to finish the porch.

The roof is done on the south side--looks nice I think.

The future site of CBC.

6.5 Training day

Qman and I hit the Tranquility for a 6.5 mile day. I treated myself to a new sweater and Q got new riding shorts. That is red not orange. I really liked the old school look and color scheme. I think we should get some team gear made the same way...forget the pink is already out of style...just like being into gay porn. Still trying to figure out what I want to contribute to the CBC??? A poster won't cut it...make me a bike shop wish list.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We did not make this one, but it's pretty much the conversation we had regarding Thanksgiving.  

After his afternoon ride, Matt will be huddled up by the fire, his lean hairless body recovering from a harsh race season while I slave away in the kitchen, sneaking butter into his food when I can.  If you see him climbing like a Cat 3 Track Sprinter tomorrow, you'll know why. Enjoy your butterless stuffing! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Disney Update From Roving Reporter Qman

Big guy reports from Disney sporting his lt100 shirt.

I know that Matt likes German engineering so I took a picture of this neat clean Beemer. I thought he would really appreciate the bumper sticker. Only in South FL.
The animals really like the Mickey induced diabetic sugar high. First one done? Mack.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Dave

Big Dave!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Christmas wishful thinking list!

OK, so Cora told the kids they need to make their Christmas list--I figured that meant me too.
This really is mostly wishful thinking, but I thought if I shoot for the stars, I may get lucky and hit the moon once or twice.

The SKS Raceblade fenders--will certainly keep me a bit cleaner while I traipse around in the winter.

I finally managed to find this picture. I know it's a really weird present request, but I have always wanted one of these. If you do not recognize it, it is one of the scales posted at the exit of Publix supermarkets. I remember them being so sturdy and well made--what a grand way to get your dose of bad news.

Endura Venturi eVent pant

Well, I'm not a big fan of wearing pants to ride, but I was sufficiently tortured this season and figured it's time to cover up--warm rain is one thing--can't deal with the cold winter/early spring wet season to come.

Nothing like a photographic journey through hell--Paris-Roubaix is one of, if not my favorite race in all of bike racing. Nothing like sitting comfortably in my big ole' comfy chair and stirring up the inner che before going out and circumnavigating the lake in 20 degree weather

I found these mitts on a English website--never seen them before, but I am going to assume that they are as well made and functional as the Sidi shoes, which may pack the greatest value per dollar of any biking product I have ever purchased. I love gloves--how can I resist--cold weather, waterproof and they do not appear to be bulky--toasty? Let's hope so.

For ten+ years now I have used and loved Time ATAC pedals, so when I saw these-- limited edition white--are you kidding me? I have to have these--so sweet!

Rapha makes super stylish cycling gear--this winter cap does not fall short--a "stocking stuffer maybe."

You know I love custom. I found this wool retro jersey at Now, you know this will not show up at my door reading "Squeaky Wheels." Hmmm, can you see it? Close your eyes--that's it--Jackrabbit Racing in Corisca Red with an Ivory Black outline--we need to at least look fast. No?

Syntace Torx wrench.

I've had bad luck with previous Torx wrenches so I think it's time to upgrade. It's a bit pricey but still quite a bit cheaper than a damaged carbon steerer tube. Did I mention it's available from our excellent friends at Magura--it's German--need I say any more?

Endura Helium Jacket.

I suppose I have whined enough in this blog about poor old me being fortunate enough to ride in the "cold" rain, so I'm sure this is no surprise--a high end rain jacket--ahh, dry at last.

I've been longing for these gorgeous nuggets of warmth for several years now--Gore-tex, Sidi and obviously Italian--nough said!

If you have been paying close attention, you have caught the subtle mentions that I am going to give cross a go next season--so if I'm going to pay to party, it will be aboard this beauty--Jackrabbit "team" paint, of course.

La Marzocco GS/3 1Grp auto

OK, now we are getting down to life essentials--we're already spoiled and have an awfully nice machine, but I'm always in the market for a nice upgrade--if it does not work out for Christmas, which it won't, I 'm gonna see if I can't sneak it in as a new "appliance" for the kitchen--wish me luck! The thought of wrapping up a long cold winter ride with one of Cora's primo Lattes--so romantic.

Limited Edition Leica M8

Am I dreaming? Leica's are some of the finest cameras in every made--so you can imagine the stim I got when I came across this work of art. The only problem, as is so common with the digital age--they already have an M9 which packs an amazing 18 megapixels. So, now I am left with a horrible decision--does one go with the beautiful white aesthetics and suffer with the anemic 10.3 megapixels of the M8 or do you go traditional black and gobble up the additional 8 megapixels to have the latest and greatest? The extra horse power, of course comes with additional heft in the price tag. I have my answer--what do you think?

Ford GT-40

DUUUUUUUDE! Thank you for the respect! You can have it in any color you want as long as it is black.
Big Dave snuck the above comment in while this post was still in the draft folder--for those that do not know, the Big man is a die hard Ford guy who is currently driving a very handsome black F-150.
Respect, big man, respect!
Let's get it out in the open--there's no chance I'm ever getting one of these, not even in my own delusional mind unless I win the lottery. What an absolutely amazing car--known as the "Ferrari killer" after dominating the 1966 24 hrs of LeMans, taking the top 3 spots and sending a wake up call to the European giants--the Americans are here to stay. So to pay my respects, I'm going to make a huge compromise and request the gods bequeath upon me the Mark II Black with optional white racing stripes--huh.. sounds suspiciously Jackrabbitesque.

Old Fogey Bloggers

WARNING! Some feel that there is excessive profanity in this video--listen at your own risk.
Thank you.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

So the CBC just bought a Craigs list bike for $60. I got totally ripped off, but it only weighs 42 lbs has 29 inch wheels and can support my bros frame...nuff said. It was 10 minutes away from my parents house.
It has all these wierd extreme parts like this 6 lb accessory that must serve some purpose...I think it can be adjusted for different sized riders or something.
This seat is comfortable and all, but what is the deal with how stupid it looks...jeezaloo.
My god isn't she a thing of beauty...I took 5 lbs of accumulated gunk out of the rear der and off the chain...yep thats right I cleaned it. I even used the kickstand.

Qman attacks waves like he attacks the trails...

He rode this monster all the way onto the beach...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

We got tagged!

Crime is on the rise in Cooperstown.

We caught slim Shady vandalizing the addition this morning.

The f@#$er didn't even clean up after himself.

He had the audacity to come back and touch up his work....admired it for a while, then scurried off--the kid rode like he stole it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I got busted for doing 35 in a 20 mph zone on the road bike...HaHa--at least I'm going fast.
The prior vandalism charges did not help my cause.

Yoked Up

When your old man is still yoked up at age 41...lets just say you have big shoes to fill.

The Iceman 41/2 -5 age group champion was pretty happy to see some shots of his performance online, so I borrowed a few to give him some ink. The below shot is an intense look as the crowd chears on.

If you look really close at the down tube you can see his support of the Cycles of Life shop in Leadville Colorado.

He has been described as a masher by many, but what can you do with no gears and a rigid bike. Dad trails close behind as the little dude rockets past the finish line.

Shoes beginning to be filled little dude...I love you dad.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I wasn't killing it today!

I've been meaning to have a go at a best time on Frail's loop (the first in the 10/24 post below) for the last 6 weeks or so. I put it on the training calender for today and tried to get myself psyched to beat my time of 44:19 from last year. It was a clear and cool day--just about perfect for a best time, so I conned Cora and the kids into following along in the car with the race radios. Phoebe's soft voice in my ear saying "I love you Daddy, but you should go faster now" was most inspirational.

Coming over the top of Murphy Hill already a minute and twenty seconds behind. Cora was screaming "You're killin' it!" Unfortunately, I was already killed--the legs were done.

Working my way over Blacks Rd--watching the watts melt away--yesterday's LT intervals had yet to leave my legs, making this a most painful day.

The radio set up works like a charm. It's fun having the crew talk me up while riding--if only they could have made me a bit faster today--I finished in an anemic 50:06. Still a fair bit better than the 1 hr 15 mins from three years ago.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A ride down memory lane--my first bikes.

Max and I were sitting on the sofa, way past his bed time and he was busy telling me what kind of bike I should buy him for Christmas. He then asked if I ever got a bike for Christmas and what kind it was. It got me thinking about my first bikes, so I searched Google and came up with these results.

This was actually my third bike, but my first road bike, a Fuji Royale 12-speed. I think my dad gave me this bike for my birthday in about 1984--it was a hand-me-down that he had had for several years and didn't ride very much. For some reason, I recall really wanting a computer and I remember my parents sending me out to a shed behind our house and I found this sitting there. I remember being really disappointed, but I ended up loving this bike. I remember doing my first "time trial" on this bike--I used to ride like crazy to my girlfriend's house after school--I'll let you figure out why. What was really nuts is that it was about 10 miles on a major road and I used to do it without a helmet. Times sure have changed.

If you know me, you'll know that putting this photograph here kills me, but it was the only one I could find big enough on the internet. My bike had black tires and a black seat with red handlebars and stem. This was actually my first bike--it was a Mongoose with team red paint and true to form, I remember buying the frame and fork and building it up with components that I bought at the Bike Barn. I was ten years old and went on to race this bike to a second place finish at the state BMX championship, racing for Bike Barn. I lost in a sprint finish.

This was my first mountain bike, which was back in the days of the very first mountain bikes. It was a Nishiki Colorado and I got it at Arizona State. I remember paying $450, after getting a 20% student discount. Again, this was a gift from my parents that I'm sure they couldn't afford. If memory serves me correctly, I got this in 1988 and rode it everywhere--it followed me to GW and then back to Florida, where sadly, I lost track of it. Although I never did any trail riding with it, I rode it all over Phoenix and Washington, D.C. Perhaps I should call this my first commuter bike.

Given that the pimp daddy Nishiki above was relegated to commuter status, I feel an obligation to put on my first "real" mountain bike, a 1999 Litespeed Ocoee. Although Cora and I laughed when we first looked at this photo swiped from the internet--this one's pretty close, minus the silly fender. I'm embarrassed to say, but truth be told, this pimp rolled red cranks and a yellow seat. So many cool stories about this bike--Cora and I found it on the internet from Mud, Sweat & Gear's in Lawton, Oklahoma with a deep discount and a free Sid fork, so we ordered our first team bikes--Cora still rides hers today. I remember talking to Mud while I was in London doing an ER rotation and getting the total run-around as to when the bikes would be finished. A week later, I was in Wisconsin with Cora and we decided to road trip with three goals--1. pick up the bikes from Mud; 2. drive through every state that we hadn't been to; 3. do some real mountain biking. After getting the bikes, we hit Santa Fe, Sedona, Moab, Couer d'Alene, Jackson Hole and the Badlands. We logged something like 7500 miles in 2 weeks in her dad's SUV, sleeping in Walmart parking lots and making Ramen noodles by the side of the road. Good times.

Here's a picture of me rocking the Litespeed at my first mountain bike race at Mount Snow in 2000, I believe. There's many things I could say about this photograph and the race, but the one thing that stands out in my mind was that this was my first "mountain bike trip" with Big Dave and I remember finishing up my race and the Big Man told me that he hadn't flown all this way to watch people ride, so I headed back out and rode the course with him again--a big feat for me in those days. I think this was also the trip where Dave decided that he really doesn't like to climb. I could go on and on, but I've got to finish posting so I can get back to recovering, which currently means polishing off a pint of ice cream, watching surf movies and oh, yeah, only feeling slightly guilty about the ice cream. Later.