Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yoked Up

When your old man is still yoked up at age 41...lets just say you have big shoes to fill.

The Iceman 41/2 -5 age group champion was pretty happy to see some shots of his performance online, so I borrowed a few to give him some ink. The below shot is an intense look as the crowd chears on.

If you look really close at the down tube you can see his support of the Cycles of Life shop in Leadville Colorado.

He has been described as a masher by many, but what can you do with no gears and a rigid bike. Dad trails close behind as the little dude rockets past the finish line.

Shoes beginning to be filled little dude...I love you dad.

1 comment:

Dr. Matt said...

You all cut up!! You all cut up!!
Q man rocks--better get out and ride--he'll be beating you before you know it.
We love you too, Q man--congratulations on the win!