Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Christmas wishful thinking list!

OK, so Cora told the kids they need to make their Christmas list--I figured that meant me too.
This really is mostly wishful thinking, but I thought if I shoot for the stars, I may get lucky and hit the moon once or twice.

The SKS Raceblade fenders--will certainly keep me a bit cleaner while I traipse around in the winter.

I finally managed to find this picture. I know it's a really weird present request, but I have always wanted one of these. If you do not recognize it, it is one of the scales posted at the exit of Publix supermarkets. I remember them being so sturdy and well made--what a grand way to get your dose of bad news.

Endura Venturi eVent pant

Well, I'm not a big fan of wearing pants to ride, but I was sufficiently tortured this season and figured it's time to cover up--warm rain is one thing--can't deal with the cold winter/early spring wet season to come.

Nothing like a photographic journey through hell--Paris-Roubaix is one of, if not my favorite race in all of bike racing. Nothing like sitting comfortably in my big ole' comfy chair and stirring up the inner che before going out and circumnavigating the lake in 20 degree weather

I found these mitts on a English website--never seen them before, but I am going to assume that they are as well made and functional as the Sidi shoes, which may pack the greatest value per dollar of any biking product I have ever purchased. I love gloves--how can I resist--cold weather, waterproof and they do not appear to be bulky--toasty? Let's hope so.

For ten+ years now I have used and loved Time ATAC pedals, so when I saw these-- limited edition white--are you kidding me? I have to have these--so sweet!

Rapha makes super stylish cycling gear--this winter cap does not fall short--a "stocking stuffer maybe."

You know I love custom. I found this wool retro jersey at Now, you know this will not show up at my door reading "Squeaky Wheels." Hmmm, can you see it? Close your eyes--that's it--Jackrabbit Racing in Corisca Red with an Ivory Black outline--we need to at least look fast. No?

Syntace Torx wrench.

I've had bad luck with previous Torx wrenches so I think it's time to upgrade. It's a bit pricey but still quite a bit cheaper than a damaged carbon steerer tube. Did I mention it's available from our excellent friends at Magura--it's German--need I say any more?

Endura Helium Jacket.

I suppose I have whined enough in this blog about poor old me being fortunate enough to ride in the "cold" rain, so I'm sure this is no surprise--a high end rain jacket--ahh, dry at last.

I've been longing for these gorgeous nuggets of warmth for several years now--Gore-tex, Sidi and obviously Italian--nough said!

If you have been paying close attention, you have caught the subtle mentions that I am going to give cross a go next season--so if I'm going to pay to party, it will be aboard this beauty--Jackrabbit "team" paint, of course.

La Marzocco GS/3 1Grp auto

OK, now we are getting down to life essentials--we're already spoiled and have an awfully nice machine, but I'm always in the market for a nice upgrade--if it does not work out for Christmas, which it won't, I 'm gonna see if I can't sneak it in as a new "appliance" for the kitchen--wish me luck! The thought of wrapping up a long cold winter ride with one of Cora's primo Lattes--so romantic.

Limited Edition Leica M8

Am I dreaming? Leica's are some of the finest cameras in every made--so you can imagine the stim I got when I came across this work of art. The only problem, as is so common with the digital age--they already have an M9 which packs an amazing 18 megapixels. So, now I am left with a horrible decision--does one go with the beautiful white aesthetics and suffer with the anemic 10.3 megapixels of the M8 or do you go traditional black and gobble up the additional 8 megapixels to have the latest and greatest? The extra horse power, of course comes with additional heft in the price tag. I have my answer--what do you think?

Ford GT-40

DUUUUUUUDE! Thank you for the respect! You can have it in any color you want as long as it is black.
Big Dave snuck the above comment in while this post was still in the draft folder--for those that do not know, the Big man is a die hard Ford guy who is currently driving a very handsome black F-150.
Respect, big man, respect!
Let's get it out in the open--there's no chance I'm ever getting one of these, not even in my own delusional mind unless I win the lottery. What an absolutely amazing car--known as the "Ferrari killer" after dominating the 1966 24 hrs of LeMans, taking the top 3 spots and sending a wake up call to the European giants--the Americans are here to stay. So to pay my respects, I'm going to make a huge compromise and request the gods bequeath upon me the Mark II Black with optional white racing stripes--huh.. sounds suspiciously Jackrabbitesque.

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