Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Building update.

I thought I would go out and help on the house this morning. Bud put me to work cutting the rafters for the main part of the addition. A relatively easy task: 1. put pattern on 1x8 and trace 2. make all the big cuts with the circular saw 3. make two small cuts with a jig saw 4. repeat steps 1-3 twenty times. If you ask The Don Maximo, there should have been a step 5 which would have been to bring all wood scraps in to make a fire--I think the little guy may be a pyromanac.

Max insisted I wear his safety goggles.

The tail of each rafter.

I was making the rafters for the very top.

The south side of the house--It's pretty tricky, thus slow going due to the multiple different roof lines.

The north side has the roof on--soon as the roof is finished, it's time for the windows. Hopefully they can get it closed up before it gets cold.

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