Monday, November 9, 2009

SnoCone Race Report

After we finished up, we had about 2 hours to kill before the start of the kids' SnoCone race. The kids were more than happy working out their pre-race stress on the playground.

Big D and little Q talking race strategy.

Phoebe explaining to her mechanic that the shifting still feels a bit rough.

Bella engaging in some pre-race recovery eats. She almost lost a finger as the big man was overcome by the smell of the pizza and snatched it away from her to take on his feed.

The Don Bull and Q-man working the merry-go-round--we looked on, hoping they wouldn't kill themselves.
Bella's pre-race warm up on the single speed--she later decided on running Phoebe's geared bike.
Three baby rabbits at the starting line--all amped up!

Bella with her new best friend Sidney on the start line--thanks to Sidney's dad who helped get Bella through the start line traffic.

The "big boys" raced with the 5-7 year old boys--with great success.

Boo Boo ripping it up with the geared bike--crazy fast!

The Q-man, just like his dad, jumped off the line to get ahead into the single track first.

Q rounding the last turn into the finish line.

Don Bull finished next, just off Quinn's wheel.

Boo rocked the 5-7 year old girls--finishing with flair. She had a great finish after a high speed face plant that momentarily slowed her down.

Our little Jackrabbits sporting their hardware. Though Phoebe chose to be head cheerleader instead of racing, Bella shared her medal for letting her ride Phoebe's bike. We are super extra special proud of all of them!

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