Saturday, November 21, 2009

So the CBC just bought a Craigs list bike for $60. I got totally ripped off, but it only weighs 42 lbs has 29 inch wheels and can support my bros frame...nuff said. It was 10 minutes away from my parents house.
It has all these wierd extreme parts like this 6 lb accessory that must serve some purpose...I think it can be adjusted for different sized riders or something.
This seat is comfortable and all, but what is the deal with how stupid it looks...jeezaloo.
My god isn't she a thing of beauty...I took 5 lbs of accumulated gunk out of the rear der and off the chain...yep thats right I cleaned it. I even used the kickstand.

Qman attacks waves like he attacks the trails...

He rode this monster all the way onto the beach...

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