Monday, November 30, 2009

The indoor season has begun--Boring

To steal a line from the movies, I felt like a cat 5 track sprinter going up Cornish Hill.

This dog looks like he was working hard--truth be told, I was not doing much, it's just that my trusty fan was MIA  and it was hot!

How I hate riding the trainer and it looks like there is more  to come--walked home in a decent little snow storm this morning.


jtyler125 said...

Ok Matt I have been following the blog and have been known to ride my recumbent bike every once in a while...something to look forward to might get me back in shape...can you pick a possible late in the season date where all three of us could do a ride together? Somewhere in the middle of all of us...maybe georgia or North Carolina?

Dr. Matt said...

Sounds like fun JT--love to get together in NC.
We should see if JJ wants to get in on it. As of now we are planning to be in NC the last week of April for a race/"training camp". If that does not work, let's talk it over with the Big Man.
Hope all is well.
get out and ride.