Sunday, November 29, 2009

2010 schedule--all things racing, riding and training

I love this time of year, the season is over and there is a great sense of accomplishment with that. The planning for the next season also starts and that bring great anticipation.
I am going to do things a bit differently this coming season. I am going to race a lot more and try some new things, i.e. race road, CX and the SS--just to do something different.
For better or worse I am also going to try to coach myself this coming season as my good friend Joey, with whom I have worked for the last two and a half years, has officially retired from coaching.

As we did last year, the big man and I got together for several "training camps" and races, which in my opinion were the highlights of the season--how can you beat time with your best friend and nothing to do but ride? OK, so I have to listen to the Biggin' bitch about how much he hates to climb and of course, with that there is the subtle reprimands for violating his "no talk zones," but that's all apart of what makes it so much fun.

So here is my tentative schedule for 2010--the old favorites and several new ones from the "To Do" list:

1/22-24-Camp Lynda
3/20-25-Camp Jackrabbit-location TBA
4/10-Tour of Battenkill or Hopbrook Dam
4/24-Cohutta 65 or 100
(?) Greenbriar Challenge
5/23-Winstead Woods
6/5-Domnarski Farm
6/19-Mt Washington Hill climb--if I get in
7/1-20 Tour de France (currently seeking offers from pro teams--just kidding! To watch, not to ride)
7/18-Etape de tour
7/24-Mt Snow--if no France
(?) Darkhorse 40
8/14-Leadville 100--if I get in
8/28-Windham World Cup
9/17- Chequamegon 40
Oct- Ommegang CX
10/16 North O Rock Road 100
11/6-Iceman Cometh--if I get in

I am super excited about this coming season. If all works out and the lotteries go well, we will be going to some great races. The big question is figuring out what, where and when for the "training camps"--a lot of that will depend on the trip to France. If that works out, it will obviously eat up a lot of time and resources--I'm going to get busy working on the Big Man so I can get a definite "yes" and we can start planning.

More to come as plans become finalized.

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