Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 1--not so good weather

We got in last night at about 1 am and woke up to this--cold and rainy, so we went for a walk to explore what Copper has to offer.

Looking over to the Tenth Range which runs between Copper Mountain and Breckenridge.

The photo credit here goes to TB Lynn--she was very interested in the picture-taking until she realized there was a trampoline to play on for the low, low price of ten dollars a jump.

Later in the afternoon, I got a brief window to get out for a quick ride--here at the top of Vail Pass looking down the valley towards CM.

Above Vail Pass I found this road which goes up another couple hundred feet and eventually winds up in the back bowls of Vail.

At the top of Shrine Pass Road looking down the valley again towards CM--weather still looking good.
The data at the turn-around on Shrine Pass Road.

Maybe 20 mins later back at Vail Pass looking west--the weather was getting pretty crappy again--time to head home. I got about 1.5 hours in--nice to get the legs going after being stuck in the car for 10 hrs.

The rain came so we headed down to Boulder--temporary peace and quiet. The key to cross- country travel with kids is sleep.

I do not think I have ever seen a rainbow that was this vivid--near Boulder.

I stopped at Excel Sports to pick up some parts for a mini-overhaul prior to the race. I could not help myself and grabbed a new work stand as well--very sweet. I saw the new Cervelo S3--can't stop thinking about it--maybe the next toy.
We stopped for some amazing sushi before heading home through Boulder Canyon which was pretty but seem to take forever--maybe it was the wrong turns around Central City that left us in the middle of nowhere.

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