Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The last 4-5 days have been loaded with saddle time. It all started with the 7 hr. and then the TT around the lake--1:02:15 straddling the red line--about 4 mins faster than my personal best--I was super psyched about that. Then we had back-to-back 6 hr days on the books which went off without a hitch other than a somewhat excoriated peri-anal region.
I was really excited and a bit anxious about back-to-back 6's--I tried several times to put together two long days and for whatever the reasons, I have never completed them--I really needed to get past the mental hurdle of getting it done. It still blows my mind that I just went out for a 6 hour ride twice. It does not seem like it's that's long until you think about it.....

So aside from getting through the rides, I needed to test the new "Fluid Energizer" from Infinit.
This stuff is real whiz bang-you can customize the contents from caloric intake, protein, electrolyte composition, amino acids and probably best of all, the strength of the taste.
With all the hype, my expectations were high.

A 50$ bag of "jackrabbits brew"

On day 1, I put 2 scoops in each 24 oz bottle--which would bring in the desired 290 calorie, provided I could remember to drink a bottle an hour--I drank as planned 1/4 of a bottle every 15 mins and I must say I was quite pleased with the results--taste-- as good or better than anything else I 've tried and with zero GI issues for both six hr rides. The only thing wrong was a pretty severe need to leak after the first hour or so which did not stop--I felt more like one of those guys on the Flomax comercial who have a bum prostate. After my 4th "natural" I started thinking this stuff was going to be a problem--back to the drawing board. For day 2 --I decided to concentrate the bottles so I got 6 hours of powder in 4 bottles thus reducing my fluid to 16 oz an hour--the result was perfect--the taste, I thought was actually better and only one piss break. The real test will come next week in Leadville--I'll need to factor in the drier air and altitude. All in all, I'm pretty happy--life on the bike is super simple when you only have to worry about taking a sip every 15 mins or so.

Poor quality photo, sorry--it shows the customized ingredients.

Day 1 had me peeing so much I couldn't make room for the "rocket legs" that my beautiful wife brought me.

I love cows and 4 hours into day 1 I was thinking in my next life I'm coming back as one of them-- eat and rest all day-- get milked if you are lucky. I must confess I was pretty into being a cow (yes--I had too much time to think) until about the 6 hr mark when it dawned on me that my fate might be being eaten as a nice steak or burger.

Day 2 was tough--I worked the night before day 1 and my lack of sleep was catching up with me. I had to get up and go early because I had a meeting at 4 pm. I was surprised that I was not nearly as sore as I thought I was going to be. I was out the door by 9:10 and felt pretty good for the first 3 hours when the fatigue set in--nothing bad just tired in a good way. By about 3:30 hours the clouds that I had be dodging all morning finally caught up with me and I got soaked--It was kind of nice--it was cool and it gave me something to think about other than cows.

The gritty spray felt great on the already tortured taint.

Sporting the "old school" Jackrabbit gear

Yeah--I could bearly see it as well--5:52 with ave speed of 12.2 mph and 6000+ feet of climbing.

People often ask what in the hell do you think about on a bike for that long--I was somewhat joking about the cows--I spend most my time thinking about two possums and a baby moose. What a prize to roll up and see them when I got home--thanks.

15 mins to spare and I was off to my meeting which lasted a grand total of 13 mins. Was it worth it?
Day 1 profile--just under to 9000 ft of climbing in 6:07--yeah my legs were smoked!

Day 2 profile--bit more tame--I had no choice--me legs were pissed.

My only incident was a brief encounter was with this little F#$ker--dogs are starting to piss me off.

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