Saturday, September 12, 2009

A long, long really wet ride

I neglected to get up early and head towards the Serotta factory, so my laziness meant that I had to start my ride after I got back from Saratoga.  Ordinarily, that would not have been a bad thing, since I like to ride in the afternoons/evenings anyway, but the forecast called for a steady rain.  The weather was pretty nice up in Saratoga and of course, it didn't start raining until we pulled up to our house.
Riding in a cold rain is rarely fun, but starting out for a long ride in the cold rain is just downright unmotivating.  I needed to get 6 hours in, which wasn't going to be easy, but given my experience in Leadville, I felt like I needed to toughen myself up by biting the bullet.  

2 1/2 hours in, Cora met me for some quick refueling.  

54 degrees and 5 hours of rain--good times.

Motoring up Black's Road--as crappy as it was, I managed to churn out some pretty decent watts--I had to in order to make the big wheels escape the mud suck. 
Wet, wet, cold and wet.

I got home after dark, just as the rain was ending--go figure.  Cora met me at the door with a towel and a hot cup of my favorite coffee.  I have to be honest-riding in the rain is a lot of fun when you're prepared for it.  Love the neoprene gloves--best $20 I ever spent.  Tomorrow's an easy ride, and then another 6 hours on Sunday.

If real time is your thing, have a peek.

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