Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yes--more U2 in Boston

We have done a lot of driving this month--all well worth it. In Boston at Gillette Stadium--it's crazy how these new stadiums are all about making money--everywhere you turn there is something for sale and rest assured, it's over-priced--40 bucks for a t-shirt, 40 bucks for parking, and on and on.  I'm glad I don't drink because the beer was off the charts as well. The Boston show was a totally different atmosphere than Toronto. We were a bit closer and I thought the playlist, although only slightly different, was better--good times. The only downer was the 2 hours we spent in the parking lot trying to get out after the show--for as much as you pay to park, you'd think they would have designed things a bit more efficiently.

Cora dizzy from all the driving.

Much bigger here in Boston--much different feel.

Bono doing his thing--well!!

Can't wait for the next go around!!
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