Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Epic!!! again

Even though the training schedule clearly stated this is a week of rest, I woke up and looked at the forecast thinking I should get out and spin the legs as they were still a bit, shall we say pissed after Mt. Washington. By all accounts the forecast was for 100% rain. I was thinking how bad could that be--it would have to stop eventually. I sat for a while, ate some breakfast and starting loosing motivation which was fine.

Fattail and I were most content watching Sports Center when the phone rang. I could tell there was determination in Chris's voice when he said he was still planning on getting in 150 miles. I looked out the window and it was pouring--it was too late, my fate was sealed--I had to ride. I agreed to ride the first part of Chris's ride which was about 75 miles and would most likely get me home in about 4 hours.

I headed over the hill north on Rt 28 to meet Chris at the Flycreek General Store and was soaked in about 5 mins. We headed south for the first 2 hours which I failed to realize was all down wind--thus I felt like I was flying. More importantly, it was not very cold. The cars were few and we joked about how it always seems like we only ride when the weather really sucks. All in all I was having a blast.

We stopped at about 2 hours so I grabbed a coffee which hit the spot. The folks in the gas station had a bewildered look on their faces as we walked in and I'm sure they were not too happy as we left a huge puddle of water on their floor--oh well.

Back at it, we were now heading a bit west and it seemed to be getting colder and certainly windier--my legs were definitely questioning the wisdom of stopping.

By the time we made it to Edmeston, both the rain and wind were picking up and it was definitely colder.

We stopped quickly to top off the water bottles which killed my legs.

Heading east along Route 80 was tough--much colder mostly because we were riding into the wind and the back to back rollers add up in a hurry.

We made it back to the Flycreek General Store for some much needed real food--they make a fine sandwich!

Bryne Dairy 1% chocolate milk--undisputed number one recovery drink (well, okay, the best lowfat recovery drink--Battenkill Valley Creamery chocolate milk is absolutely the very best).

We were about 75 miles and 4 hours in when we stopped for lunch. Cora called and asked if I wanted her to come pick me up. I said no--although I was awfully tempted to call it quits, I had just told Chris I would try to knock out another 25 miles--I figured a hundy would make a nice story.

No sooner did Chris's phone ring-- it was Heather, she and Cora were together and pretty much told us they were coming to get us as they could barely see the road while driving the kids home from the movies. They said that it was absolutely crazy (actually, I think the word was stupid or maybe idiotic) to be riding in monsoon-like rain. I think deep down, we were both relieved to get yanked. We suffered the 10 mins back to Chris's house and took a most welcomed hot shower and had a fantastic dinner. All told, we logged about 4:15 mins and it was 100% in the pouring rain.

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