Friday, August 27, 2010

I should have been working on the House.

I could not help myself it was beautiful out. When the cats are away the mouse has to play.

North of the lake--looking over the Mohawk Valley.

We stopped at the Black Cat Cafe--great coffee. The only downer is the steep part of the climb out of Sharon Spring really kicks up about 50 yards out the door and it murders the legs after the rest. The coffee--it's worth it!

By the way I spent the first part of the ride talking to Mike about doing Leadville next year--I think he is intrigued. It would be a blast with a group--will see.

I got 5:11 in today which felt really good--Hope to do it again tomorrow.
Still can not decide if I'm going to race Windham on Sunday--I sure am digging the low stress of LSD.

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