Thursday, November 18, 2010

Addendum to Team Bikes! (Wife Never Checks Blog Anyway)

As you may have read team Jackrabbit is building a pair of Carbon (pronounced car-bone) Air 9's. What isn't as clear is that BigDave is a huge Niner fan, so it was with much trepidation that I would be retiring my sturdy and much trusted EMD 9. Low and behold an email sent to my gmail account about an XTR crankset and a Niner Air 9 Scandium frame. I was thinking wow, it is nearing my birthday and Christmas is coming...what the hell...I'm already breaking the bank on the car-bone build. (I always say it that way in my head...get with the program) I'll rebuild all my EMD components on the Air 9 Scandium frame and voila a "divorce ready" plan was hatched. Yep, BigDave is building two bikes. Please come looking for me if I dissappear any time soon. Check the back yard and that newly sodded area...strange bump in lawn. Please donate to the Dave has 3 kids and two bikes fund. Anything will be much appreciated. Anyway, a very big shout out to Kyle W. for the new Niner and crankset.


Anonymous said...

It's about time--I thought you were already buried in the backyard as we have not heard from you in awhile.
Now that you are back on the blog why don't you tell everybody about your plan to go back to Leadville and kill. Registration time is tomorrow for team Jackrabbit--what better place to run the Air9 than the thin air of Pbville? How appropriate my verification word is KILLA.

Bigdave said...

Dear anonymous et al,

I plan to go back to Leadville and kill. I am all registered up. What? What? That's right bitches. Time to sack up and train.