Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 2 up early--sorta. You sure can get a lot done when you have nothing else to do.

I got in about 2:45 on the bike, walked for about an hour, blogged (as you can see) and got to the conference on time.

I know--you need proof.

So I went--had to leave early--the view after 500 ft of climbing.

Can't ask for much better than that.

Who's the farmer?  Nice tan line.

The view after 1500 ft of climbing!

The top--2000 ft of climbing.

Pretty cool area at the top--guess who would love those trampolines?

This is what today's ride looks like.

Big Dave wants a profile--here you go.

I thought this was a cool view.

Post-ride self portrait.

I was going to go back out for some climbing--it looked like this all afternoon, thunderstorm?--so I went for a walk.

Pretty cool--found this hockey game on my walk about.

Signing off--the power of the toe tokens!
Big Dave, we just got off the phone--do it, do it.....
See you soon.

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Bigdave said...

Because we are bros and you only live once...I'm leaving tonight! Bitch!