Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's been a long day! Up at 4am, shower and off to ALB for the 6:30 flight to Detroit and after a hour layover, off to Denver.

No, really, it was comfortable.

Nice view of Nebraska from row 37 seat A.

I got into Denver and missed my shuttle by literally 1 min. No worries, I grabbed a bite to eat and caught the 12:30 which got me to Vail by 3:30.  To my surprise, the room is great--the views from the balcony.

After checking the room out, it was time to put the 29er together--one of my least favorite things to do.

Other than a nice little scratch on the fork, all seems well-- after checking out the food/bike shop situation, hopefully I will get a short ride in to air out my very stale legs.

Of course this made me happy.

Yes, you are reading that correctly--it closes at 3 pm--out-doing the previous record held by Starbucks in Columbus, Ohio which closed at a ridiculous 4pm.

This became the de facto coffee house--opens at 11 am--not very helpful and they get 4:35$ for what is basically a grande.
I'll keep looking.

Bull Moose?  Still not so good--I hear there is a brick oven pizzeria.

A view of the hill--riding anyone?  The 28mm lens flattens it out--it's really pretty beastly.

This is just down the stairs from my room--the bike shop is on the left--I found 2 others which are about a 100 yards around the corner--convenient!

I managed to get in about 45 mins on the bike.

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