Saturday, June 27, 2009

We were pretty darn psyched to get into town.

Before we got out to ride, we made a stop at Cycles of Life for a tune up on Big Dave's bike--he was going to need a granny gear today.

Rolling down 6th street.

Big Dave finishing the tough part of St. Kevin's climb--I think I heard him say he was not going to do Leadville after this little stretch--it was a bit steeper than I remember. It was also very different riding without hundreds of other riders handlebar to handlebar.

Just before we topped out on St. Kevins.

Heading up Powerline outbound--just before the road turns up on the double track.

Turquoise Lake about 1200 ft below.

Almost to the top of Sugarloaf.

Big Dave was in a "no-talk zone"

Over the top--I forgot how sketchy the Powerline decent is--loose and steep. The brain-dead ATVers who refused to move from the center of the trail, or lay off the gas for that matter, did not help the cause either--Big Dave took a little digger and they never even stopped.

The "Boulevard" is a steep little stretch of a 100 yards or so that is covered with baby heads.  It would not be so bad except it comes at about the 97 mile mark.

Dave's first look at the the finish line.

A little inspiration in the window of the LT 100 office--hopefully I can go a touch faster this year.
I do not know about great living, but there sure is great riding--starting at 10,200 ft, that's kinda crazy for a couple of flatlanders.

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