Sunday, May 17, 2009

The 12 hour enduro

Ouch. I made it. The chain blew up after the first lap and took out my middle and small chain ring. I did 6 laps in "the dog." It brought my speed up but at a great cost. I friggen blew up after 9 laps and lots of standing up out of the saddle. I know I could handle a single speed now though...I took a 20 minute break at around 2am and decided to give the busted up middle ring a try. I literally hit it with a hammer a few times and smashed it with a screwdriver (secretly thinking/hoping it would be futile)...crazily and against all odds somehow the middle chain ring started working...wierd. I rolled out 4 more laps on my wobbly legs. My first few laps were 33-37 minutes...nearing the end they were up to 55 minutes...13 laps for a sad taint inducing record of 72 miles 1/2 single speed 1/2 geared 12 hours...Results 7th out of 25 solo and 16th out of 41 including teams.


Dr. Matt said...

Big ups -- props -- and, what the heck, you deserve a you da man, too! We're really proud of you!!! Great job!

RF said...

nice work buddy! that's a late night for a lot of bike ridin.