Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rest and repair

I was good and lazy today--I made the mistake of taking a rest day--it was gorgeous out and of course, the weather tomorrow is supposed to be rain and wind.  If the night here at work does not shape up, I'm gonna get zero sleep, making tomorrow even less attractive to get out for the scheduled 90 mins of what Joey calls "ZOOM"-- that means go really hard.
BM and I did manage to get the new Maguras put on the 26er--something I have been putting off for a couple of weeks.

Let's see how tomorrow goes--another rest day?

Man, they look good--and stop like crazy.

You must admit that having the Bull as my head wrench is just plain cool!!

The Don is torquing the brakes to spec.--the little man knows his stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Jesse T. says I love seeing Dora watching on in the background.