Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vegas, Baby!

As usual, we were running late and I had to rush to catch my airplane. I flew Southwest--a great non-stop flight from Albany to Vegas. It was also a score that they don't charge you for checked baggage, so it was awesome being able to walk onto the plane with just a book and a magazine.

Flying over Omaha--"Hi, Big D!"

After a very nice flight, I finally made it to the hotel. My room is on the 34 th floor and has a window from floor to ceiling-- amazing view of the strip and the airport--not a cloud in the sky and the mountains in the background--pretty nice and strangely enough, it's getting me motivated to do some serious leisuring!

View from my room

I had dinner with a bunch of folks from residency--it was nice to catch up.
This place is crazy--the hotel is literally the size of Cooperstown. Other than the abundance of cigarette smoke, I've been completely content wandering around and watching the complete excess. Of course, it doesn't hurt either that there is a handful of Starbucks strategically placed to keep me going. Off to bed--going to sleep in really late, then go ride (in the hotel gym) so we'll see how that goes.

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