Monday, August 10, 2009

"The best day yet"

We headed over to Leadville early--I needed to do 2 1/2 hours just below race pace.  I decided to start at 6th and Harrison and ride to the first aid station. During last year's race, I rode this section in 2:25--my goal was to better that. My crew brought their bikes and met me at the top of Carter Summit.  

"Hey, Daddy-wait up!"  Pretty cool to see them there-I didn't expect to see them until the end of my ride.  Cora said they were riding up and down the course, having a blast.

As you can see, I looked like shit, and I certainly felt like shit when I finished.  I went 2:19 and felt awful the whole damn way.  The heat, hiking the day before, poor nutrition--who knows? Let's hope that things go better on race day.  I just keep telling myself that it's all a part of the taper.

After we finished up riding, we headed over to Winter Park, which I was told by the kids that it isn't really a park, but it was still the best day of the trip so far. Why, you ask?  The gorgeous scenery going over Berthoud Pass?  The absolutely perfect weather?  Quality family time in the car?  Nope--in a word--TRAMPOLINE--and as a distant second, the climbing wall.

Phoebe's favorite part was repelling down.

Cora couldn't resist and joined Phoebe on the climbing wall.

Bella is a certified trampoline junkie.

Baby Moose pulled off the only back flip of the day in the Jones family.

It wasn't pretty, but he made it.  The kid is absolutely crazy.  Even though I rode like shit, shuttling my little adrenaline addicts around saved the day for sure, and they even topped it off by demanding sushi for dinner.  Gotta love them!  

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