Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blast the Mass

We went to Snowmass for the Blast the Mass Mountain Bike Race.  As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words, so I won't say much (for me, anyway).

Lance took the lead on the opening climb and never gave it up.

By the end of the first lap, Lance was even beating the motorcycles.

True to Lance's style, he worked hard right to the finish, even though he had about a three minute lead.

Max and Cora meet Max and Anna, while Linda looks on.

The boys from Moots come to check out the competition for the Shimano Kids Series--they heard that little Jackrabbit can go fast.

Boo and Mook in the fourth turn.

The crowd went wild.

Team Jackrabbit hoofed it out with smiles up the climb.

Go, Mookie, go!

Boo Miles with a strong finish--first in the five-year-old girl category (in our interpretation).

Boo congratulates Max, the winner in the three-year old boy category (yes, yes, in our interpretation).

After the race, we drove through Aspen and up and over Independence Pass. We stopped to admire the scenery.  Phoebe: "Max, do you think we should climb up there?"  Max:  "Up there? Me no think so--my legs are wasted after that race."

Boo Bear climbs like a mountain goat, all to play in the snow.

The view of Independence Pass from halfway up.

Cora and Boo at 12,871.

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