Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rest Day

Today was a much needed rest day-the first in a week.  Let me just say that it was very well received.  I spent the day with the family.  Okay, so I lied--I went for about a half an hour ride with Cora, yes, Cora, and the kids.  The kids rode one mile uphill towards Vail Pass--it was so cool.  A dozen people must have said how impressed they were with their riding--I am so proud.  The Baby Don gets the award for best sport as he cranked away, churning out the watts on his little 12-inch wheels--that couldn't have been easy.  What's more, he's only been off the training wheels for a day!  He was so cute zig-zagging back and forth--his lane, their lane, off the path--actually it was cute until he almost took out some hammerhead on a $12,000 Cervelo going 30 mph downhill.  The kids and I turned around after a mile and Cora headed out for a short solo ride.  

The girls leading the ride, heading out on the trail--I swear Max told me not to worry because they would blow up soon.

Bella kept flicking the elbow--nobody would come to the front, so she stopped and offered some stern words to her domestiques--she set a blistering pace.

At this point, Max was still convinced that the girls were going to blow up.  

I wish I could have turned over 100 rpm when I was 3 years old--I was so impressed--I can't even say.  He worked so hard.

A well-deserved "gumby," i.e., a Shot Blok.

He was mad that "I" forgot his thirsty-bag, so my water bottle had to do.

What a difference the bigger wheels make--the kid was flying!  He told me "Daddy, if you ride a pink bike, you have to be fast to back it up!"  And yes, Max, we'll get you a bigger bike soon.  (Maybe after my Cervelo...)

After the ride, we loaded the car and headed off to Glenwood Springs to take the waters.  Again, the kids impressed us with how far they've come.  Bella perfected the "canyonball" and practiced swimming without water wings or  a life jacket.  Max was a total trip--he literally just floated off without a care in the world and talked to anyone who came within speaking distance. Phoebe worked on alternating between wearing her life jacket without water wings and wearing her water wings without her life jacket--baby steps.


I was trying to soak in the therapy pool--it's supposed to be about recovery right?  Well, Boo Miles had other plans for me.

Colorado has more specialized plates than any other state I've seen.  I saw this one and it reminded me of my dad.  This plate may be enough to get him to move here, as nobody loves the hounds more than the big Brahma--love you, Buddy.

Off to bed, as tomorrow is an early start--the plan is two trips up Columbine--that profile should be beyond Judy Jetson busty!

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