Monday, August 10, 2009

Leadkids--Course Recon

We headed over to Leadville to ride the "flat" section of the course, from the first aid station to the new singletrack section, affectionately called "the goat trail."  I was still feeling pretty beat up from yesterday's effort--my legs were a little sore, so my plan was to do 2 hours of Z1. Cora and the kids came along, and I was amazed how much of the course they rode--the kids rode about 5 miles and Cora probably put in closer to 20.  Some pictures to tell the story...

Although it was surely far beyond a Z1 effort, I couldn't help myself, as the whole family was watching.  This is the mini-hill that we had trouble driving the car up last week.  It takes 53 seconds to ride and 1:19 to walk.  We'll see what the race brings...

I could have sworn this guy usually has horns, wears a red suit, and carries a pitchfork.  "Allez, Daddy, allez!"

My little Leadlady smoking down the hill.

Baby Moose is hot on T-Lynn's wheel--concentrating on his line and wishing for disc brakes.

The whole crew coming into the first aid station--I wonder which one will ride this race for real.

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