Monday, August 3, 2009

taper day 1

I went out for about an hour and a half--nice and easy. I rode the flatish section of the course between the first aid station and the end of the new single track. The day was pretty uneventful--I felt a bit better than I expected which was nice. I did gather a little data--The outbound single track took 6 mins and inbound took 10:20. I still think this will make the overall times a bit slower--3-5 mins. I also walked the "mini-wall" which took 1:20--not a significant loss vs. riding. The gain obviously is that by walking you avoid the red-line.

A little rigid single speed for the day--the ride is a little sketchy without front suspension and with the higher tire pressure of the tubed tires--seemed to jump around laterally quit a bit--The wash board of the single track was pretty brutal.  All in all the SS keeps me in check--you can't over due it as you just spin out on the flats if you go to hard. More importantly it's fun to ride and mentally refreshing--just what I needed today.

Looking down the first little rise.

Flat and smooth--makes a nice rest before climbing Columbine and power line.

The climbing in the middle was all the single track which is very manageable in the middle ring.

Todays route.

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