Sunday, February 28, 2010

CIRREM Results

Well I got her all cleaned up again...with a toothbrush. Then I went and hit the CIRREM ride. A 100 kilometer leg burner in Iowa. There are a ton of small climbs that just sap you. It was 18 degrees at the start with sustained winds around 10-15 miles per hour. I wore pretty much every piece of CWG that I own. I was more comfortable than last year mostly because of my booties and two pairs of wool socks. There was only one point where I thought I might cool down by unzipping my wind breaker, after about 5 minutes I changed my mind and kept zipped for the entire race. My time was a few minutes slower than last year...I added about 4 miles to the race near the end when I went right instead of left...bummer. I ended up 43 out of 65. The road conditions totally favored the road bikers and "super brutal" cyclocross dudes. They had rock hard roads. Sadly, I got beat by a guy on a Pugsly so my whole "I'm slow because my tires are fat" argument gets pretty screwed.

Mileage looks pretty good for the day. As always the boys taunt me with their pedal damn it.

A quick shot of the carnage.
If you notice the crud between the wheel and the fork...hard as cement.
Here are a few pounds of frozen mud and sand...front der became totally useless after about 30 miles.I had to get off the bike and run warm water on it from my bag hose. What bag hose? Wouldn't you like to know. Anyway the front der is going to get extra soap.

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Dr. Matt said...

you all yoked up dog!
strong work.