Sunday, February 21, 2010

The dirty girl is back

Alright, she is a pretty girl I will admit. But really when I first saw her I thought she was out of my league. Now a little back story. Originally when I was still a 26'er fan and just beginning to research these new beasts I thought I wanted a Felt. They cost a shitload, but really how many of those do you see around these days. Niner isn't just a bike that a lot of people have because they are considered cool...they are durable, well made, and you guessed it sexy. Now back to my girl...she is an EMD which stands for Eat My Dust. In reality not many people are eating any part of her dust, truth be told that is my fault not hers. Any good rider could take my 25 lb chick and thrash almost any trail. She smokes single track even though she is a long legged drink of water. She climbs descent and descends like a bullet train in Japan with a tailwind. When you think about it somebody is nailing the hot ones so why shouldn't it be me. I tried to live by that credo with the real women in my life and for the most part it worked out pretty well. Some funny notes about that: for all you tiny bike weenies out there its true bigger is better. The two nine is the only way to go period. Even the pretty ones get real dirty you just have to steer them that way. Maybe the EMD isn't the top of the line Niner, you might think "what the hell Bigdave you could roll the Air 9 Carbon then I would understand." And of course I would say "yes she IS hot, but...and this is a big one...I would split her wide open and then how great would she be?" Nope the EMD is perfect for Bigdave.

I mean come on what the hell has she been up to? This is a sweet POV of the undercarriage. Very dirty. Jeezus clean yourself already.

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