Friday, February 19, 2010

Dirty Edge Clean Niner. Black Baby Black.

All the cut off times are sill on the carbon for me to stare at until next time!

It took some doing, but all the crud is now off the front der.

Rear der all clean...Chris King all clean.

All clean. Now for the Edge.

Well, after the unmentionable debacle I thought I wouldn't wash my baby until I returned to try again. It seemed like a noble idea at the time. Then a little Belgian mud from North O mixed with ice and sand and viola nothing works anymore. I was forced to clean with soap no less. She has such beautiful legs I really ought to clean her more often. I took a little 360 video and a few nudes of her to make people in the know all jealous of my set up and super tight hoops. If there was such a thing as a Brazilian for a bike I'm pretty sure my Niner would sport it.

1 comment:

Dr. Matt said...

she is a hottie--cleans up well.