Monday, February 15, 2010

More of the inside riding. Oh it's not so bad.

I had planned on going over to Cambridge, New York to ride all (or at least some) of the Battenkill course, as I needed to get 4 hours in today and the weather looked to be promising. As things go, when I woke up, it was still snowing and windy. It was probably rideable, but not really worth the 2-hour drive to Battenkill. So I came to terms with more inside riding. I managed to watch Breaking Away again and got through the first season of Entourage. All in all, a pretty good work out which left me exhausted. With Cora kindly rubbing my legs, I was asleep within half an hour of getting off the bike. I vaguely remember talking on the phone to Big Dave about Floyd's latest troubles, which led to some pretty kooky dreams all night long.

How's this for a recovery meal? I got this from the Racing Weight book--not so bad, huh? And if this is on the menu, I may just do my three hours today indoors as well. Snow or french toast?

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