Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day

My last shift before a very needed three days off--can't wait.

April first was day one of commuting by bike to work. Even though I can walk to the ER in about three minutes, I thought it would be fun to try to ride to work. I have been going the long way around up and over the back side of Chicken Farm Hill which takes about 25 mins. each way on the single speed--a pretty decent workout. As daylight extends, I'll think about lengthening the route. It's like a free hour of riding. I just have to hone the shower at work routine and I'll be good to go.

Got home--with the thought of the next three days off, I was in heaven. Max and I rode downtown to the bakery for some "prizes."

Max needed a "extra" prize on top of the donut he already had in the bag.

Good thing he had the glasses on--food was flying.

After a few hours of sleep, John and I went out for a nice two-hour ride. We went up and over Hooker Mountain, came back over Konchar Rd. then up to Middlefield before finishing over Murphy Hill.

A quick water break saved the day--this nice lady was kind enough to fill John's bottle, she even put ice in it. It took a little thought to ride in the warmer weather again--had to remind myself to drink.

After a little rest, it was back out with the crew. Max took us all out on his favorite ride which he calls "that Ahmo road." Great day--four rides.

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