Saturday, April 3, 2010


I headed over to the Johnny Cake Lane race in Coxsackie which was about 90 miles away. My Mom was kind enough to tag along with the camera and to keep me company. I figured it might be a good idea to get a road race under my belt before next weekend. Other than the experience, I just wanted to get in one last really hard effort before the Tour of Battenkill.

What a great day for a bike race--in the 70's with the Catskill mountains in the background and not a cloud in the sky. The course was a 7 mile loop which was relatively flat with only one small hill to mix it up on. The wind was a bit stiff at times and put a premium on riding smart within the group.

Giving a little love to my girl-- OK I couldn't get the (bike) pump to work.

Doing a little work at the end of the first lap. Yesterday Big Dave and I had a bet about who could post the best race report ala Sir Helmet the Tool. We were both too tired , so we'll give you our best rendition from the tool shed next week.

That's me on the far left--I think I ended up ninth. I would have raced a bit differently if a win was the goal but as far as getting a hard effort in, I was successful. TSS was 109 for 1 hour of work--just wish it was a little longer.

The pay off--had to feed Mom, so we headed over to Moe's for a double order of tacos--that girl loves her tacos. Of course we stopped at Starbucks for coffee before driving home. I've said it before and I'm going to say it again--my mom is awesome and such an amazing lady.

We got home and I found the kids making a huge mess in the yard or what's left of the yard. I thought this looks a touch like Shelby Lee Adams work--my kids go all Appalachia in Cooperstown.

Just like that--Max goes all postal.

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