Saturday, April 3, 2010

Psycowpath Jewell Park TT Race Report

RF being a goober on the mic while I wait

Well RF put on a great race at Jewell Park today. I had never ridden the course so I was a bit skeptical of this whole time trial thing. The shram chain got twisted on my last ride so I spent some time massaging the old chain back into shape this morning. Then at exactly 11:25 I lined up behind two leg shavers and in front of two t-shirt wearers. The field looked pretty tough. Right before I started Kent Mcneill of Leadville fame rolled in under 17 minutes. I was then thinking cool Kent can do it in 16 minutes so how much pain could it be. Well let me tell you, I sprung out of the starting shoot and up the first little rise and realized I had not been on a real mtb trail in over 6 months. I felt acid in my chest and I don't think my heart rate came below 185 for the next 26 minutes. I passed one guy in the last 25 yards so that helped me feel a little better. Quinn later told me that that guy took a huge digger into some really gnarley looking rocks near the finish. At about half way I heard some puffing behind me an within seconds I was passed by one of the t-shirt guys.

Getting clipped in while Qman watches the start
Out the start shoot
Turning onto the only flat 50 yards of the course

Dropping out near half way
Popping out at the finish

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