Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cora's baby is back

Cora's bike made it back today--packed to the nth degree. I un-packed it, nervous that each turn of bubble wrap would reveal another nasty ding. All went well--perfect! I got it put together for her so it was ready to go when she got home from picking up the girls at school. Sure enough, she came in all jacked up for a ride (not unlike that spider monkey on Mountain Dew--how's that for a visual?!) and after dialing in the seat, we headed off for the maiden voyage--I think she loves it--she certainly looks great on it. We only had time for an hour or so before the kids got home so we made it count and went up and over Murphy Hill, which I believe is a first for Cora--love that Triple.
Of course she blessed me with the obligatory "I can't," then did it. So proud of her--Strong work.

Half way up--looking strong.

Last steep pitch--no talk zone.

She was screaming at me to go faster!

Just about to go over the top--HR 184 bpm.

Yeah--that was easy. I never said I couldn't do it.

Maybe she was not working as hard as she says.

ahhhhhhh--the skittles.

Ok, you did not tell me that I had to unclip--no I did not just fall ;-)

Love riding with the hottie--lucky me--now if could just get her to do intervals with me.

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Bigdave said...

Nice new shiny baby! Riding with a hottie is always fun...C...when he takes you into the no talking zone you can still curse at him while you works fine and doesn't take any extra effort.