Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quick Building Update for Big Dave

Bud's building the addition faster than they built my Ottrott--go figure. The second floor is framed and walls should be up tomorrow. Rafters by the end of the week if there's no rain. Next come windows and the roof. All in all, there's about 1200 square feet of addition--it's starting to feel like we're finally going to have some space around here!

Not all of the windows have been cut out yet--helps to keep it a little bit drier until the roof's on.

South side--dining room first floor, master bath and closet above.

East side--the big hole will be French doors to a covered porch.

The center part is the kitchen on the first floor and master bedroom above. To the right is the entrance and mudroom.

Looks imposing without the windows cut out! There's the door to the bike shop.

Looking from the dining room to the kitchen and beyond to the entry.

Looking from the French doors to the dining room/kitchen. The dining room will connect to the present living room through the short wall with the single window.

Looking from the entry through the kitchen and dining room.

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