Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Qman Jackrabbit Podium Spot

Well if you haven't already heard, Quinn entered a Mountain Bike race as a Junior racer. His age category was 10-12 that is the youngest category. What this means is that he was bored with the kids race and wanted something closer to our rigorous training rides. We do a mountain biking loop that is about 6 miles long at a park near our house. We walk and take our time over the hilly or technical sections, but for the most part he rides his rigid single speed the whole time. He has been quoted as saying "gears are for queers" or some such drivel. The little guy was very bummed during our hour and twenty minute race. He complained many times that he was in last place. He was apalled that the top riders...men in their prime...had passed him. It was made all better when they would go by on their second lap cheering for him to keep it up. He was very gratious and let them ride past without trying to cut them off. However,in the last mile he would not let a group who was preriding for the Pro race go past when he figured out they were not racing. I think he was peeved they were hogging the good line. We (about 7 of us) were forced to follow along as he weaved in and out of trees and up and over logs and mini-bumps that to us were minor, but to his 16 inch wheels they were like mountains. At 38 inches and 40 pounds he was far and away the toughest rider on the whole course.

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Dr. Matt said...

Love the pictures--that kid sure is one tough little dude! Impressive! But Max is still going to kick his ass at the Iceman!