Friday, October 23, 2009

Race Across The Sky

Cora and I saw Race Across the Sky in Albany--was not sure how I was going to feel given my stellar DNF at mile 90. I have to say I did leave the show feeling a bit jacked up for the 2010 race--hope to get a little lottery love!! I also hope Big Dave comes around and we can get at it together in true Jackrabbit style. I've always said it's about the process--getting there. I have to say even though the race was a huge disappointment, I had a blast this season--look forward to doing it again.
As for the film--see trailer--I basically thought that it was great to show people who haven't been to the race the scenery, the course and a taste of what it's like start to finish. I think that having been there and raced it, the movie was a little disappointing in that it focussed primarily on the top five, i.e., the Lance Armstrong story, which has its place, but Lance is not Leadville. Although it featured some "middle of the pack" riders, I don't think they did enough to portray the whole story--why Leadville is so epic for so many. Suffice it to say that the lottery will be crazy for next year's race with people who saw the movie, and I promise you that they will be in for a big surprise because the movie did not adequately portray how hard the race is and how much you suffer.
One of the things that I noticed was that the weather for the front riders was much nicer than it was for those of us lagging behind--I'm not sure that I even saw Lance get rained on. I know he mentioned how cold he was, but there is a huge difference between dry and cold and soaking wet and cold. I guess the question is when it comes out on DVD, will I buy it? The answer is...of course.
P.S. Props to our main man, the Biggest Dave, who logged about 20 seconds of screen time. I hope that it pisses him off enough that he gets back on the bike and we do it again.

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