Saturday, March 13, 2010

40 in 40 hit 40

About 20 miles into our ride we had to stop and take a shot of this crazy bastard trying to cut down an enormous tree with an ax and a tiny chainsaw. Of course the tiny tractor was really going to save him if the 20 mile per hour wind decided to blow the other way.

Here I am about 10 miles in with Rance. I was excited that he brought his camera. Next time I'll bring mine.
Rance, while he was still smiling in my presence. Always supporting the home team. GBR! Right buddy?

Did a few miles today scouting the Jackrabbit hundie course...My buddy Rance wanted a taste of the course so I threw a leg over and we hit 40. 20 of the out and 20 of the in. Not sure if Rance will want to ride with me ever again. I realize that the JR course isn't for the faint of heart. Train brothers or these roads will grind you. 1000 feet of climbing every 10 miles. No tarmac...just great country back roads. I've got a few pictures coming...

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Rance said...

Im defiantly going again, i just need to bring more food! and not be so out of shape!! it was a great ride though!