Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Vomit Comet

The last couple of days have been brutal. Tuesday I went out with one of my neighbors and put in a nice hour and twenty minutes or so of z1-z2 which serve as a warm up for what was to come. I got home in time to hook up with Chris to go out and "kill the hills" for an hour and a half. Well, the only thing we did not kill was the first 5 minutes over to Murphy Hill. For the next 1:25 mins., we went ape shit--great ride! We talked about doing it once a week as it was a great intensity workout--hopefully our schedules permit. Afterward I managed to put in a 40 min. z1 warm down before heading home.

All-aboard the vomit comet--all out for 1:20 mins.

I grabbed a bite to eat and headed over to the shop to work on the window trim. What was supposed to be a hour of work managed to turn into 4 and a half--it was pretty easy to do--make the wrong cut and cost yourself 2 hours of work--fun!

Today I got up at 8am to meet Bud for my window trimming tutorial and then worked until 1 pm on the bedroom which pretty much got me nowhere--not so sure trim work is my thing. I grabbed 2 hours of sleep before heading out for 2 and half hours. I needed to get in 45 mins of "sweet spot" power on the hills--it all went well--I'm beat and going to sleep.

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Bigdave said...

Triple workout? I think you are ready for Battenkill. I can't wait to hear how you tear it up. C take some video of the podium fo sho.