Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hills and then some more hills.

The last four or five days have been absolutely gorgeous here, clear skies, temperatures near 50 and dry roads. I was also fortunate to have four days off from work. I managed to string together great training in over the last couple of days, which was greatly helped by actually getting some normal sleep. I'm convinced I would get faster if I did no additional riding and just started working days, so I could sleep like a normal person--oh well. Battenkill is just around the corner--can't wait.

I would love to tell you that this is solely to illustrate the "euro" sheen that one produces with a nice embrocation or that it is to show it was so warm out that the Belgian knee warmers were all that the legs needed to stay warm for today's ride. I could also use it to reiterate the absolute need for caution when applying embro so as not to get it on your chamois-yes, luckily my faux paux today was limited to that rugged area between the balls and the ahnu. Years in such a harsh climate kept the suffering to a moderate degree. But the fact is I'm vain and I really just could not pass up posting up a shot of the legs which are looking jacked or as the Big Man would say "yoked up."

I took a new route today--awesome! I got in about forty miles and found several new hills that were definitely keepers for the regular rotation.

I did just a touch over three hours--my goal was to ride all the hills at 90% of my threshold which amounted to about an hour--crushed.

Kunchar Rd at two hours in was a killer!

Yes, the roads were dry which was great, but the dust was a bitch--dirt and road salt do not soothe the lungs when you are blowing a gasket!

Over the back side of Hooker Mountain--only one hill to go--legs are pissed.

Going with the old school look--last little effort for the camera.

My wonderful Mom tagged along for today's festivities and did a great job with the camera--thanks--love you.

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your mom is the best!!