Friday, March 26, 2010

Cold and wet recovery ride.

A nice hour and a half trip around the lake in the forties and raining--loved it.
I finally had a chance to wear my new rain cape from Hincapie--it kept me warm and dry. It is not as breathable as I thought it would be. It should not be a big problem as I was not left wet from sweat--it was actually nice on a cold day. The final grade will have to come when it's warmer out.

The Hincapie Alpe Brim cap continues to be one of my favorite--never too warm--never cold.

I still love to play in the mud--Cold and rainy and it just so happens that I got a package from Mad Alchemy yesterday (more on that later), perfect timing, so I applied a very nice Russisch Thee embrocation which did the trick keeping the legs warm.
Just a hint--we got the Baby Don his own jar of Mango Love--a non-warming summer embro--talk about a kid that was jacked up--that kid is so cool!

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