Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is how Jackrabbit rolls

Memory lane...last years roll out.

Well if I couldn't be fast I thought I would lay down the power. I entered the 35 mile Panama enduro race and decided to bring the boys along. I was thinking it would be a three hour jaunt, but it was a 4 hour sufferfest. The darn head wind blew me down to 6 mph for a six mile stretch. I was wondering if I would just take the easy way out and let the boys get their wish because at this point they had had it. Q was cold and pissed that Mack wouldn't share his sticker book. Anyway, fist-a-cuffs were thrown, biting may or may not have occured...either way there was about a half hour of screaming for mommy and screaming about fair and other drivel I couldn't hear because of the wind. There was some bouncing while brothers fought for position, some yelling from Bigdad then mercifully everybody fell sound asleep for almost 1 and a half hours leaving me to the task of dragging them back to Panama. It was a great workout.
Here is about a minute of suffering at like 10 miles into the race. There are still other riders in my sites. After about 25 miles there were no others at the back with me. But with about 3 miles to go I caught 2...I'm only grudgingly going to mention the two whipped dudes short roping their lame girlfriends right in front of me for like 15 miles. Come on! Grow a pair and make them drag their own fat asses up the hill...there I said it I feel better now. Piece out.

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