Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I got worked by the Baby Don.

This week brings a much welcome week of rest before the final push leading up to Battenkill. I got out for a relatively easy spin this afternoon. When I got home, the Baby Don raced out and asked if I would go with him on his "training ride" today. With an invitation like that, how could I pass it up? As it turns out, Max keeps a training log and today's plan was a "weawwy wong ride." When I asked him exactly what that meant, he explained that he wanted to go around the block, over and down the big hill by the hospital, up the street by the gym (Brooklyn Avenue), around the gym and then back home. Pretty ambitious for the little climber--that route is a little over 3 miles.

As we started out, it started to lightly rain and the Bull couldn't have been happier. He kept going on and on about riding in the rain and how much fun it is.

The Bull is looking incredibly fit now that he is on his regimen. He says that he is at his racing weight of 40 pounds.

Max explained to me that it's much better to ride in the road than on the sidewalk because he is a big kid now. He also explained to me that he couldn't go "hard" today because he didn't "embro," but thought it would be okay because riding in the rain is more fun. True story, I swear. Let me explain a little bit about Max's "embro." He actually sneaks into Cora's medicine cabinet and takes very liberal amounts of Cora's $80 face lotion and rubs it into his legs. A debate for another time, but who the hell needs $80 lotion anyways? She swears it's from before we were married. Whatever...it's provided her with the incentive to order us some real embro from Mad Alchemy. Max is hoping for a jar of Mango Love, a non-warming summer embrocation.

As we were coming up Beaver Street, the last little hill, which is the steepest we rode today, the little man hammered and made it up without incident. I almost soiled myself when he told me that this hill was too steep for his one cog. Again, true story. I was pretty darn proud of him as he hammered the whole 3 miles. Just up the hill, we needed to make a left to head home, but the little guy refused and made me do the loop again with him. Pretty darn impressive. Can't wait to ride with him again tomorrow. Love you, buddy.

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