Friday, December 25, 2009

It's all about the giving...

Hopefully everyone is as happy as I am-- here's a taste of how the morning went.

Ahh--Avery, the Moxie girl--"the best person she ever got!"

Well, we all know the Don is raucous--but karaoke, please!
The Bull took it to a new level belting out Y--M--C--A....
He did however pause to let use know he would have preferred a Batmobile...Y--M--C--A..

T-Lynn is all about the bling! Jacob Ice, Daddy?

I'm not exactly sure what this is, but it apparently is the "best ever".

Poor Donny's Geo Trax would not work.

My new best friend--Biscuit. I don't have to feed him and I don't have to walk him and I don't have to step in his stool--that's my kind of dog.

Meet Chunk--some kind of electric hamster --how this made its way into our house , I will never know--I think it may have been meant for one of the Village People?
You should see Chunk run on his wheel--nice!
I'm off to sleep--Happy Holidays

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